Code of Practice

1. Purpose

ABCB members operate in accordance with this Code of Practice which ensures that they observe the basic tenets of ethical business as they apply to the issuing of certificates of conformity to organisations. On joining the Association all members are required to undertake to comply with the provisions of the Code of Practice.

2. Confidentiality

Members shall not improperly disclose information gained from participation in ABCB activities.

3. Conduct

Members shall:

  • provide and maintain certification services of the highest standard and integrity
  • undertake only work which they are competent to perform
  • Comply with the requirements of the appropriate International Standards whether working within their accredited scope, or not
  • promote nationally accredited certification
  • take responsibility for the work they have done
  • take care not to cause danger to any person or property
  • maintain adequate insurance cover against the risk of liability
  • avoid, where possible, any conflict of interest between themselves, their clients and those concerned with the ultimate use of the goods or services concerned
  • not misrepresent the certification service they provide, or the status of the bodies that they have certified
  • not permit any marketing material, written or oral, to give the impression that certification and consultancy are linked
  • act with fairness

4. Competition

Members are free to compete with one another for business within their scope of competence. However, such competition shall not be conducted in such a way as to undermine the integrity of certification/registration.

5. Compliance

Members shall undertake periodic reviews of their compliance with the provisions of this code of practice and other conditions of membership

The Association will promptly investigate any alleged non-compliance according to its own internal complaints procedure.