The ABCB committee structure provides for the management of the Association by its members in addition to facilitating the discussion and pursuit of matters of general and sectoral interest to members. In addition, the full time ABCB Secretariat:

  • Provides a focus for all matters relating to accredited third party certification
  • Promotes accredited third party certification
  • Makes representations to IAF, EA, ISO, UKAS, BIS and other agencies, as may be appropriate, on matters affecting members’ interests both individually and collectively
  • Co-ordinates consultation with IAF, EA, BIS, UKAS, EFAC and other bodies on accreditation and certification matters
  • Receives and assesses information prior to disseminating items of relevance to members in a digestible form
  • Co-ordinates ABCB representation on technical committees and working groups
  • Co-ordinates, when advantageous to the Association, liaison with non-ABCB certification bodies and/or their associations
  • Administers the Association, e.g., Company matters, accounting, collection of subscriptions, elections, membership lists, etc.