ABCB Welcomes BAB as a Gold Member

ABCB are delighted to confirm that the British Assessment Bureau, one of the UK’s most progressive certification bodies, has announced its decision to become a Gold Member of the Association.

Kent-based British Assessment Bureau (BAB), which provides a range of ISO certification services, has been enjoying the benefits of being a member of the ABCB for several years. Following three important acquisitions during 2019 BAB took the decision to become a Gold Member, both in recognition of the huge value it has derived from its membership in the past, but also to support the exciting developments being led by ABCB’s new CEO, Wayne Terry.

BAB’s CEO, Mike Tims, commented “The decision to become a member of the Association of British Certification Bodies was a simple one for us. As a member of ABCB we gain advanced industry knowledge and early notification of new or revised standards, which helps shape our business strategy and plans. It also provides a platform to represent our views nationally and internationally.”

“By expanding our involvement with the ABCB we are able to develop a stronger relationship with key stakeholders, such as UKAS, but also international bodies such as the IAF. Finally, we get enormous benefit from regular membership meetings and discussion groups with fellow certification bodies as well as independent and impartial guidance and support from the management committee, if needed.”

Wayne Terry, ABCB’s CEO, welcomed the announcement and commented “I am delighted by this news from BAB and I am pleased that our activities at ABCB are being recognised in the industry. Since becoming CEO in January 2019 my team and I have been working closely with the likes of BAB and other leading certification bodies to expand our membership as we drive the organisation forward, becoming more proactive, nationally and internationally.”

The Importance of Having A Voice in The Industry

During 2019 Amtivo Group, which owns British Assessment Bureau, made three important, strategic, acquisitions which significantly increase its presence in the UK market. The acquisitions included Birmingham-based ACS Registrars, Leeds-based Avalon Certification and Equas Consultancy, which developed the game-changing ISO management solution, ‘Activ’.

Mike Tims noted “ACS Registrars and Avalon Certification have now become part of BAB, along with the Activ SaaS platform, all of which are really exciting developments for the business to be working on. We want to ensure that we continue to grow, to be innovative and to deliver the best possible service to our customers. Being a Gold Member of the ABCB is a key part of our strategy to achieve that and having access to Wayne, with his boundless energy and enthusiasm for our industry, makes it that much easier.”