In its 35 year history ABCB has traditionally focused on Management Systems, representing third party accredited CB’s that specialise in ISO/IEC 17021, such as ISO/IEC 9001. However, in today’s global marketplace, it is important that all aspects of accredited certification included the IAF Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MLA) is reflected in the activities of ABCB membership.

ABCB is now widening its membership to mirror that of IAF including Management Systems (ISO/IEC 9001, 14001, 22001, 27001), Product & Services (ISO/IEC 17065) and Certificates of Persons (ISO/IEC 17024).

By way of example, working with UKAS, ABCB has initiated a new UKAS committee, the ‘Product Certification Technical Advisory Committee’, to make sure that all accredited bodies who operate in the wide sphere of Product Certification have their views represented both nationally and internationally.

Wayne Terry, ABCB Chief Executive stated, “ABCB has worked effectively representing the views of its members here in the UK, Europe and worldwide since 1984 but it is important in an ever changing marketplace that we open membership to a wider range of accredited CB’s to make sure all interests are represented”.

Matt Gantley, UKAS CEO is supportive of the ABCB initiative stating “ABCB play a critical part of the UKAS stakeholder engagement so we are delighted that ABCB are opening their doors to a wider range of membership”.

So, if you are an accredited CB and operate in any of the aforementioned standards, and interested to learn how ABCB can benefit your organisation please visit the ABCB website .